Skoda Finance for Second Hand or New Cars

The older, the more favorable. If your Skoda has already traveled a few kilometers by can now save twice: with our service discount action "times 2". Vehicle age in years × 2 = divider 1 in percent. For example, for your 8 year old Skoda 16% discount on Skoda original and economy parts. Quite clever. Just ask us at your next visit. We are happy to advise you and make you an individual offer. 1 Based on our prices for selected Skoda Original and Economy parts. Discount for Read more [...]

What would you think?

What would your feelings be If you had a boyfriend who kept mentioning his friends girlfriends’s name a few times every week for 11 months, and when you ask him, what is so interesting about her? His voice changes to the voice of a child, he never has a bad word to say about this person, and if you say one bad word about this person your boyfriend becomes very aggressive and begins to defend this person. You ask your boyfriend, do you speak to this man when you are in the house alone? He Read more [...]

Engine failures – signs

A previous French version of this article was published in the local news print edition of the UK magazine Plusinek Mark on behalf of MobileMechanic.London If you read French and are interested in Cars, I highly recommend you check out this magazine. Engine failure is a very serious matter. But often we do not realize that our car had a problem. How do you know that the engine suffered a fault? Is the car gives signs that can be seen? See what a malfunction in the vehicle and how it should Read more [...]

Condensing gas boilers in Ealing

  Gas condensing boilers are the solution with the highest efficiency by utilizing condensing technology - contained in the steam arising when burning natural gas. In traditional boilers "no condensation", heat is lost with the flue gases leaving the boiler.  Condensing gas boilers Viessmann as the first of its kind to be offered on the market since the early 90s. Existing solutions, such as Inox-Radial stainless steel with the addition of titanium and molybdenum or Matrix radiant burners, Read more [...]

Speaking aloud or keeping our feelings to ourselves

If you're walk down the streets, or any place you can think of and you come across a man or woman speaking aloud to themselves, the first thought that crosses peoples mind, "is the person doing this mad? In my opinion every person who thinks has to speak to himself, the only difference is their thoughts are kept private. From time to time I come across people doing this and I wonder what is on their mind. In my opinion this normally happens to people who are angry with other people and they are Read more [...]

My little adventure Los Angeles Orange County “Lax Shuttle Service” here on Quilib

From time to time, Quilib find they reach out to people around the globe and in all honesty with things like Google Talk being around we find that Quilib and Lax can make this happen effortlessly, this is a service which we use when we deal with our associates across the Atlantic called Shuttle to Lax. Today the L.A. shuttle team will work with our group to see we get the full benefits of using Lax Shuttle Service a transportation service which is not as common in the UK. The truth is we arrived Read more [...]

Paul gilbert intense rock

I love Paul Gilbert intense rock, this man is a great versatile guitarist and he knows how to express himself on the electric guitar, in fact Gilbert is one of a few players who is able to do a rock gig all alone, that’s right he is so intense he just does not need a band this is totally awesome. When you sit back and listen to him you’ve to take a hat off to him as you know he has spent a lot of time practicing check out his version of Frank Sinatra’s fly me to the moon. Here we have an Read more [...]

Good news at last: Still a few more weeks

Sometimes life seems to be going nowhere and unexpectedly all the things you want to come together suddenly begins to fall into place, this shows why it’s important never to give up on our objectives no matter what it’s we want to achieve.

Danny Sullivan + Me

Hold your breath and search again makes me think of the so called SEO Guru Danny Sullivan, how good is he, how much does he charge and how much does he really know? Does he have a big bank balance and because of that leeches give him respect or is he really that good? Many people are marketed and have the right people behind them allowing them to charge a price way beyond an average person’s financial reach; I wonder how many people cheaper can outsmart them? Read more [...]

Wir begrüßen Sie recht herzlich

In Frankfurt, sowie in ganz Deutschland gibt es denkmalgeschützte Gebäude zu renovieren und Antikham ist hierfür auf Grund der langjährigen Erfahrung und zahlreichen Referenzen ein verlässlicher und vor allem fachlich kompetenter Ansprechpartner. Wir beliefern seit über 30 Jahren unsere Kunden im ganzen Land, auch Frankfurt, mit unseren auserwählten und einfach nur schönen Stein und Holzböden, sowie, seit neuestem, liebevoll ausgesuchten, aussergewöhnlichen Solitär Möbel und Dekorationsobjekten Read more [...]